Beautiful Early 20th Century Package by El Designo – Lather Bee Rich Soaps


“Authenticity is the guiding principle in all of Lather Bee Rich?s creations. Ingredients are all natural, not synthesized or chemical. No newfangled soap experimentation is being performed in the soap?s manufacture.Instead the soap is made using authentic recipes from the 1920. For each of the six scents, names and photos of Lather Bee Rich?s actual ancestors were incorporated. Blazing Betty, Corky?s Cute Patoote, Dapper Dan, Dollface Darla, Lusty Lu-Lu and Papa Bob were authentic people with stories to tell and foibles to enjoy.

As the use of tin was prevalent in the early 20th century, tin soap tins were custom made to package the soap. Not only does the use of tin lend authentic credibility to the packaging design, tin is a strong environmental choice for the 21st century. It is endlessly re-usable and recyclable and at the end of its lifecycle it naturally biodegrades to its iron mineral components. Lather Bee Rich is a beautiful product carefully handmade and gorgeously packaged to capture the luxurious decadence of a former time.”

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