Funny Furniture for Kids by Designer Kaja Osholm Kj??l??s


via http://www.yankodesign.com


  1. Tim
    Posted 26 May ?10 at 9:20 pm | #

    So, can someone tell me or direct me to where can I get the tree climbing item from this site for the kids? Thanks

    • elena
      Posted 27 May ?10 at 6:01 am | #

      Hi Tim!

      Unfortunately the furniture from the post are only prototypes and are not currently for sale anywhere at the moment . They will be available in the future and I will keep you informed where you can buy them:)

  2. Shahrooz
    Posted 7 Feb ?11 at 10:59 am | #

    Hi Elena,
    How can I talk to its designer. I study in the same school and working on a similar project. It could help me a lot if I could find her.

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